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Project Dana (The Project) is an interfaith volunteer caregivers program sponsored by Moiliili Hongwanji Mission.  The Project provides support services for the frail and vulnerable elderly and disabled persons, thereby contributing toward their well being in their desire to enjoy continued independence with dignity in the environment of their choice.  The mission is to provide friendly visits; transportation to church services, medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.; friendly telephone calls; minor home repairs; light housekeeping; hospital, care home and nursing home visits; and caregivers' respite relief through the services of volunteers.  In addition, Project Dana serves as a referral and linkage agency and works closely with more than one hundred and twenty-five (125) community and service agencies to ensure a continuum of services to older adults.

Recognizing the great and growing need of the frail elderly and their families in the community, and with the assistance of the National Federation of Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers, Inc., now known as Interfaith Caregivers Alliance, Moiliili Hongwanji Mission started Project Dana in 1989.  Built around the universal principle of "Dana", which means "selfless giving", The Project's mission is to provide selfless giving of time and energy while providing compassion and care without the desire for recognition or expression of appreciation.  Therefore, volunteers practice "Dana' by serving the frail elderly and disabled.

Project Dana is comprised of an ecumenical coalition of twenty-eight (28) churches and temples statewide.  Its headquarters are located at 2720 Nakookoo Street in the Moiliiii district of Honolulu.

Volunteers are the heart of Project Dana, as they are the ones who provide the support services to the frail elderly and disabled persons.  Volunteers come from all walks of life, from students to working professionals to retirees; their ages range from four (4) years old to eighty-seven (87) years old.

Volunteers receive initial training and education from professional resource people and The Project staff and continue to receive ongoing training and guidance and support throughout their volunteer activity.

In meeting the needs of the elderly, a holistic approach is taken, in that the focus is not only on the need(s) of the elderly person, but the "total' person is taken into account; the elderly/family's personality, home situation, the formal and informal services from family and other agencies.  This is done to get a feel of which volunteer can provide the service(s), and whether the elderly person and the potential volunteer will be compatible.  An attempt is made to find an all around suitable match, where services are met and a friendly relationship is developed.  This creating and nurturing of a relationship between the volunteer and the person he/she is serving is part of The Project's mission of providing compassion and care.

For more information on requesting services or volunteering, please contact Project Dana at (808) 945-3736; fax (808) 945-0007; 2720 Nakookoo St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96826; or email us at


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