Market Place Items Sold 2021

This page is an archive of items sold in The Market Place in 2021. When a item gets sold, its listing is moved to this page.

Asian Porcelain Planter  $30.00

Description: Pre-Owned, maybe a Satsuma porcelain, 8 inches height, 10 inches diameter top, floral, butterfly prints/design, gold plated below rim. Ideal for placing indoor potted plants.

Click to enlarge. See also top view.

Kitchen Utensils  $5.00

Gently used
Donated quantity: 1 set of 4

Left to right: Oxo Can Opener,  Oneida Ladle,  Stainless Steel Grater,  Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife

Tropical Fish Youth Blanket  $22

Donated by: Moiliili Quilters/Anne K.
Quantity: 1
Description: New, quilt fabric, 43 1/2 inches Height, 42 inches Width, sewn by Anne K.

Puzzle Frame – Lavender Background Japanese Woman  $18.00

Gently used, Silver Frame, Glued Puzzle, 30 1/2″ Height, 20 1/2 ” Width
Donated quantity: 1

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Puzzle Frame – Yellow Background Japanese Woman  $28.00

Gently used, Wood Frame, Glued Puzzle, 30 1/2″ Height, 20 1/2″ Width
Donated quantity: 1

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Aloe Vera  $3.00 each (2 Small); $6.00 each (4 Large)

Donated by: Glenn & Lori M.
Quantity: 2 Small; 6 4 Large
Description: Potted Tropical Succulents have medicinal uses; Likes the sun; Water twice a week.

This is a photo of the Small

Cosco Bucket  $5

New, 5-Gallon Bucket with Lid
Donated by: Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Donated quantity: 25

Great for home, car, and garden!

Crab Etched Glass Bowl – $5.00

Donated by: Arlyne T.
Description: Pre Owned, 1 1/2 inches height, 5 1/2 inches diameter at top tapering to 3 inches diameter at bottom.

Vase and Plate Set  $9.00 for the set

Donated by: Cynthia O.
Quantity: one set
Description: Pre-Owned, Delicate ceramic vase 7 1/2 inches Height, 3 inches Width; Ceramic plate 7 3/4 inches diameter; Both with gold imprinted edges and prints; Made in Japan.

Oriental Pillow  $10.00

New, Cotton/Polyester Fabric, Cotton stuffed, 22 square inches
Donated by: Moiliili Temple Quilters

Fold Away Tote  $5

New, Thirty One – Crab, waterproof, 16 3/4″ Length, 15″ Height (below the handles)
Donated quantity: 1

Tachikichi Porcelain Floral Vase  $8

Gently used, 9″ high, 1 1/4″ diameter at top, 1/2″ diameter stem
Donated quantity: 1


Garlic Chives  $5.00 each

Donated by: Glenn and Lori M.
Quantity: 2 0
Description: Perennial, does well in full sun; water everyday in well draining soil (drooping leaves indicates not enough watering); some culinary uses are in herbal vinegars, salads, soups, soft cheeses, and grilled meat.

This is the first one. See also the second one.


Rosemary  $5.00

Donated by: Glenn and Lori M.
Description: Fragrant perennial evergreen herb in the mint family, must nurture for a while as it takes time to grow, grows best in full sun.


Noritake Appetizer Plates – $12.00 for set of 4

Donated by: Ethel O.
Quantity: (1) set of 4
Description: New, unused, Stoneware, Colorware Chocolate Collection, 4 Appetizer plates, 6 1/4 inches diameter, Made in Indonesia, Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Cornflower, Daisy, Hydrangea, Magnolia prints.

Ornate Bowl with Handle  $5.00

Donated by: Cynthia O.
Description: Pre-Owned,  Made in Japan,  Height 6 1/2 inches,  Diameter 6 inches

See also back view.

Hawaii Cooks: A Korean Kitchen Cookbook  $12.00

Donated by: Ethel O.
Description: Never used, Spiraled, By: Joan Namkoong, Copyright 2013

Tea Cup with Lid  $8.00

Donated by: Arlyne T.
Description: Pre-Owned, Ceramic, Height 1 1/2 inches, Width 3 inches

Rosemary “Herb” Plant  $3.00 for small, $8.00 for large

Quantity: 1 Small; 1 Large
Description: Perennials; Small plant: Height 14 inches; Large plant: 22 inches; Use as herb, fresh or dried; Very fragrant;
Care: While potted, water twice to three times per week.

This is the small. See also the large.

Vase with White Hydrangea/Blue Leaves  $12

Donated by: Satsu T.
Quantity: 1
Description: Pre-Owned, Porcelain, 8 inches Height, 7 inches Width.

Jade Plant – Large  $18.00

Donated by: Glenn and Lori M.
Description: Succulent plant with small pink or white flowers; Likes the moderate sun; Water twice a week.

Desert Rose  $3.00 each

Donated by: Mari F.
Quantity: 3
Description: Ornamental tropical garden plant; Individual potted plants range from 4 inches to 8 inches in Height; Full sun; Water twice a week.

See also views at flowering and seedling stages